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Silver Needle

Silver Needle

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Delicate sweet delicious white tea, Silver Needle. Hand picked in the Zhenhe district of Fujian province early spring. Sweet, light and airy with a subtle honey sweetness and a clean finish. If you are a white tea drinker, one taste and there may be no going back to you regular white tea. 


Season: Spring 2020

Cultivar : Da Bai

Origin: Zhenhe Distric, Fujian Province, China

Picking: Top buds (leaf shoots)

Firing: Wither dry

  • Brewing Instructions

    Pour 6-8 ounces Hot (175°F) water over 1 heaping teaspoon tea in a heat proof open vessel. Steep for 2-3 min. Strain and enjoy

  • Storage instructions

    Store in an air tight container away from heat, moisture, and sunlight.

  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of this product, No returns are allowed. 

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