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Light Tea

Light Tea


Light tea is our cream tea plus sweets. A lighter tea than afternoon tea.


This kit includes a mix of 4 scones, 1 ounce of loose leaf tea(please choose from the tea section of our website $7 or under), Dairy Free (V) Devonshire cream, an assortment of jams, 8 sweets of our choice, sugar cubes, napkins, plastic plates, and plastic silverware.




Please allow 2 days for your package to be baked for pick up


This kit can serve up to 4 people if each receives 1 scone and 2 sweets

  • Disclosure

    Items are made in a gluten free kitchen. We are NOT Certified Gluten Free. We use items which are naturally gluten free and certified gluten free. We do our best to make sure items come from a facility which does not processes gluten or provides testing showing no cross contamination present. 


    Made in a facility that also uses coconut, eggs, and dairy